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I have a new sig.
I used to think he was a bit of a Streisand, but he was really rocking the sh!t in that one movie.
Neither one bugs me. But those Jesus Is The Reason for the Season stickers papered all over Miami bug the everlasting cr@p out of me. So arrogant and excluding and ignorant, imo. Which is why I changed my headline on myspace today. :
I say "bitches", but then, I am just down like that.
the man who has kept me from you lovely ladies for so long: http://www.worldbeatcanada.com/gk%20...he%20RIver.jpg :
some boy i rather unceremoniously dumped sang that to me in a bar on karaoke night. Good times.
Ahhh, internet fame, how fickle art thou? Sigh. I suppose that is the price I have to pay for actually getting laid these days.
and she and her friend were having a bath. I overheard Jade tell her friend: "Let's pretend it is the 1970's so we have to use buckets to wash, cause they didn't have showers back then".
For those of us from alcoholic homes, our own relationship with alcohol can be a very loaded (pun intended) topic. One that has come up for me time and again in my life. And I think that is a good thing-we of all people know what mindlessly consuming alcohol can do. I think it is a sign that we aren't suffering from alcoholism if we regularly monitor and think about our drinking habits. For me, it is not the quantity I drink, or how frequently I drink. I can go...
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