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well, my business is an LLC-it was the quickest and easiest way to set it up given the complications of our partners. I would guess that if someone is transferring a house to an llc it is for some sort of tax and/or insurance advantage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay'smom I hope that my earlier post didn't seem disrespectful to you or the child. Please understand that I just felt a little ganged up on and fired back. It's cool-and for the record i think what you do is really great! I am a big fan of truthful health information being taught to children and families. i just am not a big fan of guilt-laden misinformation being forced on a young child. I know his mother, and...
And I do my best to avoid HFCS and nitrites.
in my house there is no soda, no fast food, and no candy except for xmas, halloween, and easter. Made from scratch sugary goodies are fine within moderation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay'smom Guess what, everyone... I'm a professional brainwasher! Yes, I go to schools and teach nutrition. I even have one of those germ lights! And, yes, I tell kids to avoid a lot of fried foods. I tell them not to drink pop, too. Or to exercise instead of playing video games. And I teach them about food safety and washing their hands and keeping meat in the refrigerator instead of on the counter. I'm a bad, evil...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerama Is he just a worry wart in general? Like about other things? Or just food? just food
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I'd say he's been brainwashed, and I would have gone into a long spiel about how saturated fats do NOT cause heart disease. If the brainwasher was present, I would phrase it as "there's controversy about which fats, and how many, are truly healthy." I said that hardened arteries aren't something healthy children need to worry about-that as long as you are active and eat a wide variety of good foods, you will...
Quote: Originally Posted by phatchristy Hmm...well, maybe he's got a parent/grandparent who has corinary artery disease. luckily, he doesn't.
and he refused to eat homemade tostones, (fried plantains for the gringas amongst us, and tres delish), which he loves, because, and this is a direct quote "they will harden my arteries", what would you think?
omg, that is hilarious!!!! that is probably the only internet joke i will ever pass on to people.
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