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everybody knows if you want a negative pee stick result, it helps to five finger discount the test.
We went last year, but we only had a one hour road trip to see it. We really enjoyed it, and Jade still talks about it. And naturally, she loved the gift shop.
could florida rock any harder?
you thought you were ordering pizza, but you were really ordering bdsm services by a very nice, 60 year old man.
i'm on my fifth beer. cause that is how i roll. though, actually, it has been a really long time since i have had beer. it seemed an appropriate choice for memorial weekend and what not.
nuts and chocolate are two of the 12 superfoods. you are a health fanatic, i see.
Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital I bake a cheesecake from scratch. Yum! now *i'm* seduced.
rosie's views are hardly "off the wall". We are at a point, finally, where the majority of Americans agree with her.
i allow them to breathe the same air as I do.
of kama rocking my world.
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