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lilyka-if this camp and this woman are not trying to brainwash kids into "taking up arms for christ" (wow, who would jesus have children shoot?) why does she ask them "who will give up their life for Jesus?" : and here all along i thought christians believed that *jesus* gave his life for *them*-not the other way around. : this clip reminded me of when I was sent to a Christian school for 6th grade. Now, i had been raised by my mother as a very lapsed...
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty Duh - the difference is that me and Mama G are celebrities that matter. Weren't you paying attention? : also, kitty and i are not 2 bit has been tween pop tarts. nor would we appear in teen schmaltz like dawson's creek.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty I don't think anyone is disparaging gossip in general - it's the obsession with celebrities and judging them based on nothing but a few pictures that is being dissed. ita. i LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE to gossip. about people that actually matter. like hellokitty.
Quote: Originally Posted by TigerTail Thank you. This whole discussion is classist. and i would go with elitist before classist, as the mindless obsession with brangelina's bump watch knows no income bracket.
i'm sorry, but academic deconstructions of the National Enquirer make me .
i'm gonna call cps on the InTouch magazine reading mothers.
Quote: Originally Posted by CallMeMommy Why do you care? short version, or long? i care about how ignorant Americans are about geography, foreign policy, current events, and politics. I care about raising a daughter in a culture that cares more about where brit's husband sleeps than the 20% of children that go hungry every day right here in the U.S. I am embarrassed about the vapid, shallow, mysogynistic materialism that goes hand in hand...
not mine, my isp runs on banana peels. organic, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by anothermama How do I say this nicely? Is there a point to questioning others? If you don't care, that's cool, but it *seems* to be a bit...smug to make that pointed comment. happily smug to pointedly point out the stupidity of celebrity obsession.
i am proud of the peace activists-we are also fighting for our country.
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