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My aunt is named Sharon Rose... would that be close enough for you?
Regarding fees while you're in training: When I started, I had heard stories about doulas putting a lot of energy into the prenatal visits for their unpaid certification births, and then not even getting called for the birth. My husband (who is a professor of entrepreneurship) told me that "people value what they pay for, and don't value what they don't pay for".    I decided to print up my contract with the fee that I planned to charge after I had completed my...
Before moving to the foothills above Boulder 8 months ago, the coldest place I had ever lived was Virginia. So I was wondering about the weather, too. I've figured it out, though. About every 1.5 weeks this winter, the temp would gradually creep up to about 60, and then a day or two later, we'd get 8 inches of snow. I've found it rather easy to adjust to. (A down jacket and pair of Sorel boots helped). Yesterday we had a record high of 81, and today we got a thunderstorm...
New Posts  All Forums: