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I let my kids play progressively longer in the sun until they tan.  To counteract the minimal damage to their cells I'm sure to feed them a diet high in antioxidants.  I believe people were made to be in the sun.   Now, my kids tan pretty readily, so this doesn't seem to be a huge deal for them.  If they do need a bit of help I usually grab the coconut oil.  It is very greasy but it helps.
It might be your diet.  B12 is notoriously poorly absorbed as a supplement.  Also, if you're taking a vegan Vitamin D2 that's poorly absorbed as well.   If I were you I would try adding a bit of high quality animal foods back into your diet, like free-range local eggs, raw milk, or select organ meats from pastured animals.  I know that adding those things to my diet did a world of good when I was a vegan and feeling very run down.
I'm sorry, I don't have any advice for you.  However, if you posted this in the Childhood Years or Gentle Discipline forums you might get more advice.  Best of luck!
I'm ex-vegan.  I loved being vegan, I found it to be a very spiritual experience.  But my health headed south, I had a lot of brain fog, it was difficult for me to speak or form sentences.  My joints started to hurt.  My breastmilk never seemed to have enough fat in it, my kids breastfed poops were always bright green.   I did everything a vegan is supposed to do.  I took all the supplements, added fats back into my diet (I was a McDougall follower), ate a wide...
    Will they take my multiple pox scars as proof?  Good grief, if it gets to be a big deal I'll pay to have my titre pulled.
When I started taking the Herb Pharm adrenal tincture it decreased my milk supply.  I cannot find the links now, but my research had lead me to believe it was the prickly ash bark.  It coincided with my desire to wean anyways, so I took advantage of that.   I was nursing a toddler at the time, so we only nursed during the days at nap time and bed time.  She had free access to the breast at night and nursed often.  Maybe it wouldn't affect a mother that was nursing...
I would say wildcard, but it would probably be best to plan for a fast one.
  I'm pretty sure you have to use a spermicide with a diaphragm.....   *googling*   From Planned Parenthood:   "Diaphragms prevent pregnancy by keeping sperm from joining with an egg. In order to be as effective as possible, the diaphragm must be used with spermicide cream, gel, or jelly."   I just noticed you said anything permanent, I'm sorry.  I thought you meant anything at all.  However, I think it's important to note that you are supposed to use a spermicide.  I...
It also could be that she just enjoys the sensation of tight clothes.  I love wearing tight knit pants and shirts, it feels comforting.  I've found that wearing a pair of shorts over my leggings helps me feel more covered and it's certainly in fashion right now.  That might be a good compromise.
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