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lisalu: do you have any blogs that you prefer? DS likes to help with the laundry too. He's been doing it for a few months, it's so cute to see him shaking the clothes straight so I can fold them! Scotty: We do the sprinkler/toddler pool, sidewalk chalk, playing catch with the dogs, looking at flowers and birds. His most favorite thing right now is the passing airplanes
thank you so much for your responses. I never thought of going to the library because ds is WILD! lol I say that with love, he's a really loud boy. Maybe they won't mind, it wont hurt to try though. I'm extremely excited that we will be buying him a swing set for his 2nd birthday next month. that will at least give him something to do in the backyard. Our budgeting is tight so the once a weekend or every other weekend 45 mile trip is pretty costly since we drive a big...
I feel like I'm going to literally lose it sometimes. I've been a SAHM since day 1 and have been miserable 80% of this time. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with ds but sometimes it feels like we both have cabin fever. I live in a really small town that offers NOTHING to do other than a lame park. The nearest City is 45 miles away so it's pretty impossible to do anything until the weekend. I feel so bad for ds because he is so lonely and doesn't have anyone to play...
ds turns two on May 1st and we bought him two bath toys from yookidoo and "funny face beakers" for the tub also. Bath time seems to be one of his favorites so I figured we might as well buy him some new toys since his Boon bath toys are starting to mold
I live in Alice. It is EXTREMELY RARE to find anyone near my age that parent the way that I do (breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co sleeping) I can say that I have gotten 2 friends to start cloth diapering
I would really love a new Beco, I sold my lovely scooters print when we were having financial problems. I was also having trouble wearing my son at the time so it seemed like the logical thing to do. I still have no idea what I was thinking when I sold it . I think it would be easier to get fathers to babywear by making more "manly" looking carriers. My boyfriend never wanted to use my old Beco because he said it was girly.
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