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What a fantastic idea! If you go to the main page, about halfway down under "Mothering Stats" you can see who the most active poster was for that day. It would be cool to see one of you there. It tickles me if I make one of those lists. Like I've won a prize or something.
I do not collect vinyl but we do have some at home that are sentimental to DW. A few Elvis albums and such.
I'm sorry you haven't gotten any responses yet. I tried searching and I didn't find much either. This site had a few things. http://www.stellamaternity.com/organic.html and this one http://www.pristineplanet.com/hemp-natural-eco-friendly-organic/maternity-clothes/5936_a_0.html http://organic.lovetoknow.com/Organic_Maternity_Clothing This has some ideas. Another option is used clothing. There are a lot of used maternity clothes out there because they aren't worn that...
Hi Minuteman! Could you give us a synopsis of the information in the link? Is there something about it that you would like to discuss?
Hello aliana! I moved your post to Trying to Conceive because I think you will get better responses here. I'm not sure I understand your question. Progesterone supplementation is normally used after ovulation and during the first trimester if you do become pregnant. I have never used the cream, but I took progesterone each month after ovulation when I was trying to get pregnant.
Hello aliana! Welcome to Mothering! We are so glad you have joined. Please let us know what we can do to help.
Hello angelagpa! Welcome to Mothering! We hope you enjoy being a part of the discussions here and sharing your knowledge and experience. Pokey
Congratulations! He's beautiful!
Boba makes an Air version that is supposed to be lighter. http://www.boba.com/store/boba-air/
Are you inseminating before the temp rise? Just checking. That's good that the motility is just as good.
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