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 That made me laugh. I wish! I got pregnant on my 6th try and had an early loss and then I got pregnant again on my 9th try and had my baby boy. I was told the average with frozen is 4 times. Some people get lucky and get it the first time. It could happen to you. It depends on a lot of things. I was 36 when we started trying so that probably played into it. You may be younger and more fertile than I am. I couldn't say for sure. On the upside, we really love our...
No, I prefer that all my healthcare providers be female. That just my preference. Even my dentist is a woman. The charge nurse at the hospital was male and he came into my room when I was in labor. It wasn't a huge deal because he didn't do anything but check in with everyone else, but I did not feel as comfortable with him in the room.
I had a hard time finding maternity workout clothes.  Zulily has lots of workout clothes. They are all different brands.  Great stuff!  I wore a regular sports bra for support.  Good luck with your run!
Hi Jenniferd17! Welcome to Mothering. I'm very sorry for your losses. I have not used Maca but I did use progesterone. I found that taking B6 helped strenghten my luteal phase. Has your doctor done tests to see if something is off in your hormones?
Hello mkgarcia023! Welcome to Mothering and Queer Conceptions! You cannot PM yet because you are a brand new member. After a few more days and more posts, you will have access to sending PM's. Congratulations on getting ready to TTC! I would suggest reading back through this thread for more info and also going to the top of the Queer Parenting Forum and clicking on the link for Resources. There is lots of great information on getting pregnant. You might want to...
Hello mrsjessicalee! Welcome to Mothering! I moved your thread to the Trying to Conceive forum because I think you will get more responses here. Would you be able to get a blood test? They are more accurate. If you can't get a blood test soon, keep testing first thing in the morning. The longer it is after you ovulate, the more accurate the tests become. Good luck!
Okey dokey then. I hope you get good news soon!
I agree with AAK. I would prefer to work with someone with training and certification when it comes to my health and the health of my baby. In states where it is not allowed but the midwives were trained elsewhere, it might be ok to make an exception.
Did you have intercourse before you ovulated? You would not get pregnant if you only had sex a week after you ovulated. Conception can only happen for about 24 hours after the egg is released.
My son has my wife's last name and my last name as his second middle name. Since I carried the baby, we thought it would be a good connection to give the baby DW's name. A hyphenated name would have been long and a bit cumbersome.
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