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Did you have intercourse before you ovulated? You would not get pregnant if you only had sex a week after you ovulated. Conception can only happen for about 24 hours after the egg is released.
My son has my wife's last name and my last name as his second middle name. Since I carried the baby, we thought it would be a good connection to give the baby DW's name. A hyphenated name would have been long and a bit cumbersome.
I would also say that it can be really hard at first, but it does get better, much better! I would also tell them to make sure they know how to reach an LC before they give birth. You don't want to be figuring that out when you have a newborn and nursing issues. Have your support ready to go. I would also recommend hanging out with other nursing moms when you are able to get out of the house with the babe. It really helped me to feel better as a parent of a newborn...
Welcome to Mothering kittymommy1974! Here is a link to the abbreviations. I hope this helps. http://www.mothering.com/community/a/abbreviations-and-acronyms
I also always wanted to. I knew my Mom nursed all of us and I saw my aunts and others doing it. However, none of my sisters breastfed for various reasons. I've always been a little on the crunchy side. I became a vegetarian at 13 and worked in a natural foods store. I am also a feminist and I was in Women's Studies for years. I studied pregnancy and birth. Breastfeeding is natural and healthy, and I thought I would enjoy the bonding and snuggle time with my baby. ...
Hi cherrydanger! Welcome to Mothering and congratulations on your new baby! I was very anxious about getting my baby to take a bottle and leaving him with other people too. It's something they need to learn. They need to practice it several times and then they just get it. There are tons of tips on how to get a baby to take a bottle. Kellymom has great info on breastfeeding and this link has lots of info on how to bottlefeed a breastfed baby and there are articles at...
Do you normally have spotting before your period? If not, it could be implantation bleeding. Do you know when you ovulated? Implantation can happen as soon as 6 days after conception and bleeding can start the next day. Good luck!
Early pregnancy symptoms often look a lot like pms symptoms, but if they are different from your usual pms symptoms, they might be pregnancy symptoms. It's hard to say so early. My first symptoms were at 10 days past ovulation. I felt a little off, like I needed to eat to keep my stomach settled. It was early nausea. I felt a little foggy. Everyone is different. The cramping you are feeling could be normal light cramping that happens after implantation. I hope you...
I would definitely test again. If you tested at one day late, the test might not have been accurate yet. The longer you wait after ovulation, the more accurate the test is. Good luck!
Hi NIkki Smith! Welcome to Mothering! I moved your thread to Gentle Discipline because it seems like you will get more helpful responses here.
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