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I would guess she is cold. They can find being naked very unsettling when they are so little. That's why they tell you to change their diaper to wake them up. Are you changing her in the same place? Is there a warmer spot you could use? You could try putting a heating pad or hot water bottle or something on the changing pad before you put her on it, or keep part of her covered while you are working another part of her body. It may not be very comforting but the...
Were there cats living in the house before you moved in? Maybe they smell the other cats urine and they are trying to mark their territory? Are cats in the neighborhood urinating near your house? Maybe the cats smell that. We had neighborhood cats urinating on our door and our cat smelled it and we put some stuff by the door to keep the cats away and that helped. Also, the Feliway infuser might help. It helped our cats adjust to a new house.
Welcome to Mothering dimyns! Congratulations on your pregnancy! It doesn't seem likely to me that there is another baby in there. If there were, I can't imagine it would be taking up that much space at 8 weeks. But I'm not a doctor. It seems like with subsequent pregnancies many women start showing earlier and their tummies feel bigger faster. When is your next ultrasound?
Hello HaripinMommy! Welcome to Mothering and congratulations on your pregnancy! You may want to visit our I'm Pregnant forum. Here you can find the July Due Date Club where you can join and chat with other moms due in the same month. http://www.mothering.com/community/f/19/im-pregnant If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Enjoy!
How many weeks postpartum are you? Are you nursing? That helps the uterus shrink back to its usual size. Nursing triggers your body to make oxytocin and that contracts the uterus. It's probably best to wait on stomach exercises until you are cleared by your doctor or midwife to exercise. If you overdo it too early, you could make things worse, especially if you have a diastasis. I did postnatal yoga and I really liked that. I'm sure there are also some postnatal...
Congratulations on the twins! My mom nursed my twin sisters so I have no doubt you can do it. If you are going to pump, it would probably be best to do it in the morning when your supply is at its highest. 15 minutes sounds good. That's what I do at work. It's good you stopped pumping earlier. Oversupply is no joke! As for whether you should pump, I'm not sure. It can be tricky to get a baby to take a bottle. We started at about a month and it took a couple weeks...
My insurance gave me a free manual pump, a Medela Symphony. It works just fine. I only use it occasionally. I think my insurance would have let me rent a hospital-grade pump for free with a prescription, but they would not give me a pump for free so you should call to make sure what your plan covers. I use a Medela Pump n Style Advanced for work. It works just fine too. The only big drawback is that it is an open system so germs can get in it. I believe the Ameda...
I have a Maya Ring Sling and it works well for the hip carry with my 8.5 month old. I have always had trouble adjusting it so it was tight enough, but I probably just needed to ask for help. Now that he's bigger, it seems to be a little easier.
I used to vacuum while wearing DS. It put him to sleep and was great for naps.
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