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 to Mothering MamaCait!  We're so glad you are here!
The contest has closed.
Bumping up for more input!
I am at work listening to someone use an adding machine.  Not the most unusual thing, but I find Excel also works very nicely.  There are also some old electric typewriters around my office that people actually use sometimes.  I was shocked when I found that out.  What are you surprised people still use?
Thanks, pattimomma!  Your DH is very perceptive!  I had someone at work ask me if I had a bun in the oven at 10DPO.  I hadn't tested yet so I could honestly say I wasn't, but I thought it was very interesting.  It turned out she was right, and that was the first day I started feeling pregnant.  That's why I believe anything is possible.
I was worried I would be considered "high risk" too, but I have never heard that phrase directed at me. 
I will be 38 when I deliver my baby, and my OB has never mentioned my age except maybe in reference to my risk of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality.  All of my testing turned out just fine though.  35 is an arbitrary number that doesn't necessarily mean much.  I know plenty of people who had healthy pregnancies and homebirths at ages beyond 35.  I would advise starting folic acid 3 months before you start TTC and seek some additional testing if you aren't...
Thanks for the reminder, BabySmurf!  I filled out my pre-registration stuff but forgot to give it to my doctor at my last appoinment.  I need to remember that.     1.  Start contacting day care providers to see if I can get on a waiting list/See how this all works.--Leaning towards a nanny share situation now so we haven't done too much with daycare.   2.  Have a garage sale.  This is part of getting rid of stuff to make room for baby.   3.  Refinish...
There was another thread recently in this forum about someone relocating to Columbus and there was a lot of talk of neighborhoods so you may want to look for that and read through it.  I was born and raised in Columbus, and I have friends who still live there who are crunchy and they seem to have found communities where they fit in.  Clintonville has a lot of cool folks.  It's near downtown but not too close.  I grew up in Grandview Heights.  It is very safe and they...
It sounds possible.  I hope you can stay sane for the next few days until you find out if he is right.
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