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Thanks for the reminder, BabySmurf!  I filled out my pre-registration stuff but forgot to give it to my doctor at my last appoinment.  I need to remember that.     1.  Start contacting day care providers to see if I can get on a waiting list/See how this all works.--Leaning towards a nanny share situation now so we haven't done too much with daycare.   2.  Have a garage sale.  This is part of getting rid of stuff to make room for baby.   3.  Refinish...
There was another thread recently in this forum about someone relocating to Columbus and there was a lot of talk of neighborhoods so you may want to look for that and read through it.  I was born and raised in Columbus, and I have friends who still live there who are crunchy and they seem to have found communities where they fit in.  Clintonville has a lot of cool folks.  It's near downtown but not too close.  I grew up in Grandview Heights.  It is very safe and they...
It sounds possible.  I hope you can stay sane for the next few days until you find out if he is right.
I saw some people on Facebook posted Happy Mother's Day messages and they included all the people whose children are still in their hearts but not yet in their arms and mothers who have lost children.  I thought that was a wonderful sentiment.  I have read many stories of heartbreak in our forums about women who want so much to be mothers but face so many obstacles.  I think it's important to recognize all mothers.  I hope you all had a pleasant day! 
Moderator Note:  I moved this thread to Life With a Babe because it seems more suited to this forum. Thank you, Pokey
Bumping up for more input!  Anyone have any suggestions/experience?
Congratulations 1babymom!  I'm so glad to hear your sweet little boy has joined your family.  Thank you for sharing your encouragement.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to trust your body and the process of pregnancy after so many losses.  I hope you are all doing well.
Congratulations, Cananny!  What a wonderful surprise!  And a lovely Mother's Day!  If the Supreme Court is on our side next month, you would be able to legally marry here. 
I hope the event was a success!
Bumping up for more input!
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