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Hi shanna-cat! There is a link for resources at the top of the main forum page and it includes some info on books. This link below is from Rainbow Books. This is a list of books from 2013. They also have more info on the site. This might be a good place to start. http://glbtrt.ala.org/rainbowbooks/archives/1025
I don't live in San Jose, but I live in Oakland and I have a friend who recently located to San Jose. If you are in New York City right now, the housing prices should not be shocking for you. COL is rather high in the whole Bay Area. San Jose is in Silicon Valley which is a very hot area right now. Many people are moving to the area and they are making a lot of money in tech so housing is very expensive and can be hard to find. The weather is awesome. It is usually...
I'm sorry I don't have any information to share, but I am bumping this up for more attention.
How wonderful that Babies R Us is offering this!
I didn't have a lot of crazy questions asked, but I did get comments near the end that I must be having twins, including one from a little girl as I walked by. That just made me feel fat! I was only having one baby. I didn't feel that big, but those comments made me wonder.
If you can get a package to Turkey overnight, it would work. It's the shipping that's the issue. It would be rather expensive if you are in the states.
I wish I had the answer for you. I have been told DS will go to sleep on his own when placed in his crib by DW or our nanny, but I haven't tried it because I've got the milkies. I know at some point we will need to do this. I feel like everything I read just says, "Put them down to sleep when drowsy but not asleep" and then it stops there. How do you do that? It sounds simple but there must be more to it. I have been told having your partner do it can work because...
Have you used CIO? How did it work for you? How do you feel it affected you, baby, and your relationship? Do you co-sleep? Bedshare? Do you start your babies in their own room and bed? Do you feel your baby wakes often? Do you feel rested? Please make sure to include sleeping arrangement, Breastfeeding (and duration), over-all satisfaction with your arrangement and sleep and anything else you think is relevant or important. We have not used CIO. I worry that it would...
Hi Summerland! It looks like you were trying to reply to someone on another thread but accidentally started a new thread instead. If you let me know the thread where it belongs, I can move it for you. Thanks!
Congratulations on the baby boy, Friederike! Hanna Andersson has some great clothes that aren't all pink and blue. They are Swedish so maybe it would be easy for you to get over there. Penises are funny things when you are not used to dealing with them. We thought the circumcision thing would be the biggest issue to consider but C was born with hypospadias which affects the look and function of his penis. He will be having surgery to correct it. We surveyed all the...
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