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CocoBird-I'm sorry you have been falling. That does sound unnerving.  I definitely recommend a chiropractor for the rib pain.  Mine has only been very mild, but I had it for a couple days to where it hurt to breathe and I went to the chiropractor and it felt better.  It also helps when I sleep with a pillow under my belly.  My chiro does the Webster Technique which is just for pregnant folks.  I don't know if it's all because of that, but I have had relatively few pains...
Bumping up for more input!
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Abnormal is not very specific.  You would want to know exactly what is abnormal.  Count, motility, morphology?  Low count or no sperm is an issue.  Lots of sperm that aren't moving is a motility issue.  Lots of moving sperm that are abnormally shaped is a morphology issue.  If the morphology is abnormal, the sperm won't be able to conceive a healthy pregnancy.  I have seen a lot of women here have success when their partner did acupuncture and/or took supplements like...
It might be and it might not.  Some women lose their mucus plug weeks before they go into labor.  But it sounds like you are closer than that with your other symptoms.  I hope everything goes smoothly!
Sounds awesome!
I'm no expert, but I would imagine the chances are lower because of the procedures, particulary the saline injection.  Normally they are scheduled for before you ovulate so as not to interfere with possible pregnancy.
Be careful with buying used.  I got a used one from someone and I had a lactation consultant look at it to make sure it was in good working order.  She said that they are normally designed for only 1 user unless they are hospital grade.  The pumps can get tired and not work as well.  She had a gauge she used to test the power and it was still working fine.  She also said that some systems can get moisture in them and that can cause mold in the pump that you can't clean...
Hello marcyse and Welcome to Mothering!  I'm sorry you had mean responses to your questions in the past.  That kind of response doesn't make sense to me.  TTC is tough and compassion is the best response.   1) We did see a counselor once while TTC.  She worked specifically with the fertility department through my health care provider.  I have heard other women attend support groups and found that to be helpful. 2) What is a WTF appointment?  Is that like, "WTF is...
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