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If I didn't put enough postage on there, let me know.  I can send it through Paypal.    Thanks everyone else for sending beads!
Progesterone did not change my luteal phase dramatically, but I know for some people it does.  Can you get a blood test?  Good luck!
It seems possible to me that you were actually ovulating around the time you had the spotting.  The timing from the beginning of your cycle seems right.  There is another thread in this forum about brown spotting around time of O.  I don't know what causes it, but it looks like it happened to someone else.  I had an earlier loss than you and my next O was around the time it usually was.  2 days before O might be perfect timing.  Good luck!
I haven't heard of Clomid being used to start your period, only to induce ovulation.  Provera is typically used to make you have a period.  I think it works by putting progesterone into your body fooling it into thinking that you have had a normal luteal phase, the part of your cycle after you ovulate.  Then when you stop the Provera after about 10 days, your body thinks the luteal phase is over and it is time to start a new cycle by having a period.  Usually people...
When you are fertile, your cervix turns pink from all the blood collecting in your cervix.  As your cervix opens, sometimes those tiny blood vessles break and bleed a little causing spotting.  So, yes, that's a good fertile sign.  Good luck!
Hi andreagalavisa.  Welcome!  If you click on the link for the July due date club that is in blue right above your post, you will be able to join a group of women who are all due with babies in July.  Congratulations on your pregnancy!
poiyt-I understand what you mean, but you shouldn't feel guilty for being fortunate.  Sometimes it works the first time.  Those stories give us all hope.  Is your partner pregnant right now?  Feel free to join us in Queer, Pregnant and Parenting.  We have a few NGP's over there who post regularly.  Congratulations on building your family!
I think the only acceptable belly comment is something like, "Your belly is awesome/fantastic/so cute/impressive, etc"  Just tell her she looks great without judging anything.  Someone told me I was radiant.  That was pretty nice. 
SweetHuck-I have heard good things about Milkies and I am thinking of getting some.  You may not want to express the colostrum now because the nipple stimulation could stimulate contractions.  You may want to wait until you are to term.  Just a thought.
Sphinxy-Balsamic vinegar is great on strawberries with some sugar!  That would be a good treat for summertime.  I'm sorry you're having trouble with maternity clothes.  They do tend to be toward the hyper-girlie side.  Men's shirts would probably work for a while because they are longer than women's shirts.  I'm sorry you've had some strange reactions to your pregnancy.  I think sometimes people forget that a woman has a working uterus she may want to use to bear a child...
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