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I'll up it when they are starting to feel run down or getting sniffles.  I usually stop late spring
For me mostly seasonal.   I start it just before school starts up.  
Because bacon is soooo good!!!!     But seriously, I feel we were made to be omnivores and local sourced meats give my family better nutrition.  
Take her out on a "date"  Just the 2 of you.   Doesn't have to be all day.  Get some ice cream, see a movie, get a mani/pedi.   Something fun for just the 2 of you.   I only have 3 and P/T WAH.  My 9 yr old DS will tell me this sometimes.  It's at that time I take him to the batting cages, or go get ice cream or donuts or something just me and him.  
I could have written the same post!!! My kids school does the same.......  they even recycle sandwich bags and juice pouches and chip bags.    There's bins with samples taped to the side for all the different items.   He never gets to bummed about the recycling, b/c he understands that we are really recycling b/c we use the same things daily.    What he gets mosts upset about is not having Box Tops and Campbell's labels.  Our school gives pizza or ice cream parties for...
My youngest is 3 and still has these issues.   She's rather stubborn and also too smart and independent, so I attribute her potty issues with that.   I'll tell you my tactics......  :)    No diapers/pull ups unless it's nap time.   She also could hold it during a nap.     I made a huge deal production out of going to the store and letting her pick out her very own brand new pack of undies.  Then again, once she kept a pair dry for a day or 2.    I offered...
I also drive a Town & Country.   Ours has storage in the floor and enough space in the back to hold my double stroller, umbrella stroller, 5 folding camp chairs, a bag of kid clothes/needs and DS' baseball equipment.   Not sure on the gas mileage exactly.   Maybe about 20ish mpg.
I only have 3.  9, 5 and 3.   I get the you have your hands full comment alot.  It doesn't really bother me.   I generally respond with "I do, but my heart is even fuller"  I did have a neighbor tell me and DH once that we had too much time on our hands and maybe should get seperate beds, when I announced #3.     A few years ago, I had my 3, youngest was an infant still and was watching my nephew, he was maybe 1 at the time.  I took them to the store and an older...
I have eucalyptus oil for stuffy ness and congestion.   Lavender oil for rashes/bites.   Witch Hazel, garlic oil, a rice bag.  Plus I also do have pain reliever, cold med, benadryl, neosporin and bandaids, tapes, wraps.  Which aren't "natural" but a need IMO.  I also really love my "green stuff" from Burts Bees.  I put it on bruises and scrapes and bug bites.  
Make tiaras or wands.   Paint bidhouses.   Make it a spa theme?  Polish nails, put on yummy smelling lotion, lip gloss, sparkly powder...etc.   play bozo buckets, freeze dance, hot potato,   Off the top of my head....HTH!
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