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Good to know, my kids were born in 04, 07 when I guess it was okay.     YDD was born in early 10.   And I nursed her while she got her shots.  ;)
I have given my kids a dose of pain meds before his appointment.  And I would nurse right after.  
Never any problems here.   I nursed my baby while walking thru the zoo and pushing the other 2 in a stroller.   I nursed her during curriculm night at my oldests school.   I nursed at my son's baseball games.   I nursed during my oldest daughters IEP meeting.   And one of the ladies was a LLL leader.  She was so happy!    I've had fellow baseball dads look the other way, or get flustered once they realize that under that cover is a bare boob w/a baby attached to...
My oldest started PS at 4.   I got the questions starting at age 3.   I just told them he's got his whole life ahead of him, full of school.  He's still little.  The only reason I enrolled him at 4 is so that he could have a bit more speech/peer interaction.  He had an articulation delay.      With my youngest, she will be 3 in March, I don't plan on sending her anytime soon.  When the questions come up, I will tell them the same.       I don't generally care...
My youngest is plagued with ear infections.   A drop of dairy for her and it's an instant ear ache/infection for her.  :(   Instead of heating a pad, I filled an old sock with rice and secured the top with a rubber band.  I heat it in the micro for a couple seconds and let her put that on her ear.   Works great!  
  Does/will the baby stay in the nursery?  Is she asking the parents of the kids in the nursery?  Or the kids at the playground?   Or the passers-by on the street/store?    I wouldn't end a friendship over it.  It sounds like she is a new protective mama.   I'd not respond.  Ignore it.  I mean, if she's coming over and your kid has pertusis (for example) then yeah, I'd mention it! lol  But really it's none of their business.  
A few "personal" tips from my experience.  Get some of those canvas organizer bins and a shelving unit.  Store like toys in each bin.   I have a large bookcase with bins.  One holds instruments, ponies, play food, little guys/fairies, cars, misc...etc.  Decorate the playroom in a fun color and maybe hang his art on the wall.  Make it welcoming to him.  Put things low for easy access.    Our "playroom" is the family room.  I can watch them play while I cook, work on...
I've used a roast and thrown it in the crock pot with pepperocini peppers and some of the juice, oregano, s&p too.     Or straight s&p, garlic heads, bay leaf. 
For breakfast my kids (8,5 and 2.5) like hot tea or milk.  Usually raspberry or green.   Lunch is water.  Dinner is milk.   I have water bottles in the fridge that the kids help themselves to when they are thirsty.   YDD isn't a big fan of water.  But if I add some ice cubes, she's a happy little lady.  Or if I let her use ODD Hello Kitty bottle, she's happy.  lol    Often I will make iced raspberry or green tea to serve at snack times.     As far as...
Not sure what state you are in, but here in IL there is an online practice test.  DH is dyslexic and a good driver.  He said it sounds like she's just more nervous about the test.  When did she get her formal dx?  
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