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Give him some rewards!   Create a sticker chart, or give him stickers when he goes.    With my DS I gave him m&m's.  One for pee, 2 for poop.   ODD we did stickers and YDD we are doing stickers also.   Her big sis created a chart for her and she's got a couple stickers on there already.  She is 27 mos, so we are just starting. 
Do you have a food budget?  Are you serving a meal or just snacks and cake?   Pretzels popcorn bottled waters or juice pouches veggies/dip cheese and crackers   Would any of those options work? 
Some items I trashed.  But items I know I'd use I kept and used b/c like you I couldn't toss it.   When  it was time to replenish, I just bought natural/organic/preservative/dye free.   I started with dyes.  I read every.single.label.in.my.house.  I was surprised with what had dyes.   Then I moved on to preservatives.  It took me a few mos to get it all out of my house w/o wasting anything.   I only have Kraft Mac & cheese in my pantry and a couple Annie's mac and...
I love mountain dew.   I have to have one every day.  I know it's bad, but it gives me a little energy at 2 pm to make it thru the rest of the day! 
Change it to a positive.......   Start a chart.  At xx time you get up and then xx then xx.  Note times these things need to be done.  7 am wake, 715 breakfast....745 brush teeth and get dressed...etc.   When she completes these things give her a sticker on a chart you make for her.   You can have her earn stars (extra chores/help, being nice, sharing...etc) too.  Once she reaches xx amount of stars she gets a special something.   A trip for ice cream or a trip to...
What about some Dr. Suess books?   They have lots of smaller words and made up words good for sounding out (IMO).  And I love the way they flow!
A bath!!  I swear it calms any child.  Or at least mine.   My kids are 7, 4 and 22 mos.  Our routine is about the same as yours....My 4 and 22 mo old share a room so they mess around too sometimes after lights out.     Even if it's not needed some relaxing warm water may just calm them down!
I just made a cream cheese and cuke roll up.   I imagine that would stay well for you.   I have some ideas I make for my kids lunch on my blog if you want to check it out.  
I don't really care for fish myself.   Neither does DH, but DS likes it alot.   Fishsticks I can eat, but they aren't really fish I guess.  lol   I made some breaded cod once in a Lousiana breading (from the grocery store) and EVERYONE wanted more.   But I only made a little b/c I wasn't sure how it was going to go over.
Well, considering that my oldest is 7 and his book isn't done.....ODD is 4 and her's isn't either and YDD's isn't even started.     I may not be the best responder.....   But my "plan" is each kid will have a baby book....from birth to 1 yr.   Everything after that, I think I'm going yearly.   I have one from a FL/Disney vaca we took, so of course there are tons, so it gets it's own book.   I thought about giving my kids the books (their own), but hopefully I...
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