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I've made pasta fagioli (or something like that...lol) with ground beef.   Taco pie is a fav here nachos  
I'm not too far from you, but our pedi is in Elmhurst, so it's kinda a hike for you.   I can share his name if you like.  He is okay w/my delay and selective-ness.  ;)   Our dentist is in Hanover Park, we love her... and our Dr. in Bloomingdale.     I think that may be too far for ya, depending on where in St. Charles you are moving too.
I think they are starting to understand. My 18 mo likes to dump her plate over and feed the dog for instance.   Consequence is that the dog eats her food.   One time I didn't replace her snack b/c she threw it on the ground (goldfish) and I didn't give her any more.   She doesn't do it any more.   Simple things...and I kinda think that now is a good of time as any to start teaching.  
Well I would be interested in info on the one in Naperville!  I am too far from Tinley.  
DS7 goes to bed about 830-900.   He is up at 630-700 DD's go to sleep about 730 and are also up about 730.   YDD is 19 mos and takes about a 2 hr nap in the afternoon.   Sometimes she will go back to sleep when ODD wakes at 730.  And she wakes about 830 then.  Same on the weekends.....   ODD doesn't nap, but I do make her nap on wknds sometimes.  She needs it.   Sometimes I will also let DS stay up late and watch a movie/play game...etc on the wknds. 
I never had a hitter/bitter, but something that worked for my DS when he was younger was the infamous chart.  I charted his good behavior.   he cleaned his toys!  Yeahhh!  a star!   He shared nice, another star, he listened well that day...another star.....etc.  Once he reached x amount of stars he got to pick a prize from the prize bag.   Which was happy meal toys or stickers, pencils, freebie keychains...etc.   Little junk that made him happy.   Time outs didn't work...
Did they check his ears?   It almost sounds like an ear infection.  or teething? My YDD gets them often and she is fussy at night, didn't like to nurse and would get a low temp.  
So I've been having some knee issues for the past few months.   After hobbling around for weeks and having some major swelling, DH made me go see a doc.  Who dx me w/osteoarthritis.   He wrote me a script for naproxin, which I have taken before.  Ironically b/c I had an injury to the OTHER knee.   So I'm researching this condition.   I'm 33 and have 3 kids and I need to be able to move my knee.  lol    What are somethings you have done to gain motion and reduce...
My (almost...on the 17th) 18 mo loves to dance which cracks me up b/c she looks like a sumo wrestler.  You know how they spread their legs and stomp their feet.   And she jumps around too.   My not so favorite thing she does is helping herself to a snack.  Only b/c it generally results on said snack being spilled on the floor.   She tries, she gets a bowl and everything, pours or grabs a handful of whatever, throws the bag down and puts her 2 goldfish in the bowl and...
I started a large compost pile.....so now what do I do with it?   My garden is still growing..... just starting to get flowers on my taters, my watermelons are the size of ping pong balls....cukes are coming along nicely also.     At what point, after harvest do I dump some of my compost on to the garden?   I'm in Chicago.     I also have a long section that I've cleared against the fence of all the garbage and sticks that was left for us.   It needs soil,...
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