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Ya. This is something we battle with often. We are in a little patch in between Albany and El Cerrito & our income is 50k ( only Dh) We have decided to "let go" of home ownership. The downside is that we aren't financially able to renovate the rentals we live in ( like earthquake) And we constantly wish life was cheaper around here. Then, add in the constant concern of break-ins ( no matter where you live in the bay) and crappy public schools ( I will homeschool, don't...
Now, we live in the bay area. High crime, lots of homeless, crazy stuff goes on a lot. But, this really is freaking me out.  We just signed a lease into our new place, and for some reason DH wanted to take a peak under the house. So he opened it up and voila! A sleeping bag, food wrappers, and a pillow. No person, however. This is a crawl space...a tiny little dirty place under our house! (Part of me feels really sad that someone had to live there, the other part is...
I'm here   We used to live in Portland or "PDX" as it is referred to. We also did a lot of travelling around the area. However, we moved when I became pregnant. I find the Pacific Northwest to be completely conducive to alternative modes of learning, birthing, living, etc. I knew many homeschooling, unschooling, non vaxing mamas. Portland is way alternative, IMO. It has a very large subculture, and honestly has characteristics of style, art, raising kids, that...
foreverinbluejeans: sorry you are getting ganged up on, because you most certainly are. Perhaps it is time you stop defending yourself and step away from the forum. If you do not want people making judgments about your life, I suggest not sharing so much. 
Oh my gosh, I always find great steals at thrift and second-hand stores. Today I got two pairs of shorts and a zippy sweater for 2 bucks!! All they need is a wash.
under 2! Oops, forgot to mention that...so some interest for mama and dad, and some for baby
what would you do? we have lived there in the past, but are just curious to have some more perspective since we are traveling for a visit. 
Wow, I didn't know that, so thanks Bubbling Brooks!
Hi there, I am so sorry you are dealing with such awful migraines! Sadly, I can relate.  Have you tried essential oils such as lavender and peppermint? They have never worked for me but some people swear by them. Mine seem hormonal too, but I have not done a test for allergies.  I use imitrex when it gets bad, but would rather not. Plus, since I have started using the meds, I seem to get more and more headaches. Hmmm.   Anyways, hopefully someone will have some...
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