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I challenged myself to be more patient!
I love that they are all natural and work!
Shared on FB and already a fan of both pages! :-)
I love the closeness you get with your baby while babywearing!
Follow you both on FB!
Great giveaway!  I am always looking for good herbal products to treat dd's colds!
I don't remember my mom ever sitting me down and telling me about my period. I just always knew because we always talked openly. She didn't hide it from us and answered questions when we asked (I have a younger sister). I do remember starting my first time on vacation with my DAD! We were at my grandparents and my grandmother was not the kind of woman you go to to ask for pads from!  I had brought a few with me for a "just in case" and I was glad I did. I still had to...
Like on FB, follow on twitter and I love the hoodies!!
Completed steps 1 & 2!
Pump, store and Feed with same bottle. My facebook name is Amanda Alvarado. Thank you!
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