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I was just over in the toddler thread posting almost the same problem you are having. My 14 month old has been experiencing now for 5 days. She too is taking probiotics. I would have to go to the kitchen to see what kind it is. But I do know that it is refrigerated so it sounds like a different brand than what you are taking. I am wondering too if there is a connection with her diarreah and the probiotics.
I have a dd who is 14 months. She has been suffering from diarreha for 5 days. She only poops on average 4 times a day, but the poops are very loose and smell terrible. The poop has a strong yeast and sulfer smell. It is yellow the like breast milk poop of new borns. It seems like as soon as she eats something it runs through her digestive system with in a few hours. I am keeping her hydrated pretty good, restricting her diet to bland food that is easy to digest...
No worries. I didn't get that impression. But you are right in the time period assement.
I too was abused. But get this, I was abused by my Mother. I have repressed most of my childhood. There are many years that I have no memory of. My Mom would not touch me herself but she enjoyed setting up situations so that she could "show off" how beautiful I was to grown men. I was exposed diviant sexual behavior at an age when I was trying to figure out my own puberty. My Mom managed a rock and roll venue from the time I was 12 to 16. I saw a lot of messed...
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