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I love the internet!   Apparently gestational sacs aren't present when HCG levels are below 1500 mIU/ml, which can be counted during a quantitative blood test. So whatever levels showed up in my urine must be really high because I'm only about 19 days in. Which leads me to think, "uh oh" singleton pregnancies don't produce that much HCG this early.   I drop eggs like an Easter bunny because I suffer from PCOS - I should've gotten my tubes tied.   BTW, I have...
Roller coaster? No. More like just me and my usual neurotic self. I couldn't wait until my doc's appt so I went to urgent care.  I gave the symptoms of an UTI as my "reason" for being there. I peed in the cup and voila.    So I got confirmation of a pregnancy and then they sent me home with the admonition to take care of myself and make an appointment with my regular doctor. Well my doc's office is upstairs so I went up and signed in as though I was scheduled. Didn't...
 Hey Moms - thanks for the support. Seriously, I really appreciate it. I've been so down I couldn't bring myself to look at these forums.
Sorry - I got some fresh air and re-evaluated my situation and discovered it ain't so bad afterall. So I deleted my post. 
I could help you if it was California. I bill insurance companies for a living (home health agency) and I can tell you that regardless of condition, ie your pregnancy, in order to go outside of your area of coverage or provider network you'd need a referral from your primary care doc unless you're PPO. This isn't hard to do, just time consuming. They (docs, insurance companies) will insist you stay inside the network for obvious reasons. It saves the insurance co.'s a...
Well, the lines have been cut. And I feel sooooooo bad.  It's so permanent, I feel selfish for even thinking this was a good idea. DH says no regrets but suddenly I want a house full of kids.  
Great advice. As I said before, I wish I'd either kept a blog or took the time to actually sit down and enjoy our pregnancy. I didn't hear any horror stories, maybe because we had the first twins of either of our families. We make mistakes all day long and we're like whatever. We just roll with it. Twins are definitely a whole lotta fun. :)    
Had I not been so cocky and a know-it-all, I would've slept my butt off during my pregnancy. I didn't get enough rest. I didn't enjoy my pregnancy. I continued to live my life and try to be the boss of everything instead of taking it easy and resting. Those are my regrets.   Now at 2 months we are having so much fun. They're so silly. They love laughing. They love interaction. DH's career path has made a sudden change and nowadays he fancies himself a teacher which...
Wow. My husband read the "single - twins - trips" and was like "That's EFFING awesome!" I can't wait until he goes back to work. 
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