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I wouldn't worry about laundry and sharing toys. They'll be coming with their own toys, they already know how to share.  Meals are going to be different and expect your food bill to go up. There will be some in house fights/arguments but that's because you've gone from 3 to 6 kids and a few of them are teens at that. You guys are the Brady Bunch! :)
Why did she have so many babies so early? 3 pregnancies by age 22? That's a bit much. I hope she was married at one point. That would explain the back-2-back twins.
Your SO adopted 3 or 4 kids? And please, mines - yours - theirs, if you're raising them... it doesn't matter who the birth mom is, you can still be mom too!   I say let your maternal instincts kick in and you'll find a rhythm with the kids. Adopted kids tend to have a lot of issues (not all negative) so be very open to listening and suggestions and most of all provide a home that is consistent and stable. That's what all of us crave - stability.   You'll do fine....
My 9 week old twins were born at 36w 4d  on March 13, 2011. We were scheduled for C-section at 38w on March 31, 2011. I delivered naturally, went into labor without any aids - gave birth without any medication. My twins spent 3 days in NICU before they were released to come home.   My question: When can I stop with the "adjusted age" nonsense? My girls are hitting newborn milestones like no one's business. I see no delays whatsoever - I even see some advanced...
Well, my twins are the result of two eggs, two sperms, two fertilizations. They were born looking alike but now at 9 weeks, Sophia is our California surfer girl with olive skin and brownish/black hair. Grace is the raven beauty with black hair and very fair skin. Both still have those deep blue eyes - which TeenBaby had until 26 months. Then her eyes went green. My babies are less twins and more sisters but they do everything the same. I mean EVERYTHING. It's sometimes...
OMG!   UPDATE: The Smurfette Baby Maker will cease production by the end of May. I'm not going to say I "won" this battle or that I'm keeping score but uhh, he's 0-1 right now.  He says he's doing as my anniversary gift. Aww, thanks.
Shuli - I'm very sorry for your loss.   Thanks Mama, Chaotic and Shuli!
Just wanted to know if anyone had two or more sets of twins.
That was a positive article! Thanks for posting that.
Realistically, there are no "easy" lightweight double/triple strollers. Everything is MUCH more of a challenge with twins. My DD is actually very helpful but that's only because she's 11 years older than your DS. When I go out - and I go out a lot - I use my Cadillac. It's a hassle but again, I've gotten used to it.   I wish someone would have just told me flat out that having twins is all about planning. All day long, I'm planning. And I'm always 3-4 hours ahead of...
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