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I am down to 219.8 today.  Yeah!  With my babies, I seem to be going to sleep earlier and not tempted to eat a bunch at night after supper.
Week 6 has come, tomorrow is week 7 weigh in.  How are you ladies doing?  My boys were dedicated at church yesterday and I had friends and family here on Friday and Saturday.  Hope the loss I had so far this week sticks for tomorrow.  
Wow look at all that hair!
Mataji, hope your love shack comes off well. Glad to hear the babies are all growing. I thank God that William sleeps through the night for the most part. Edward has gotten really good at rolling over. DH left him on the couch and came back to him dangling off the edge! William rolled over first but has not done much since then. Been dealing with green poop with William. I have to feed him from the same boob every time or he gets green poop again. I think the roatvirus...
I have been thinking about swim suits for the boys but I haven't done any looking yet.
mataji, I traded for the crowns - I made the woman a crochet bag and she crocheted a bunch of hats and crowns for me.   https://www.etsy.com/listing/101131661/crown-made-to-order-custom
Who knew I could be excited about pumpkin colored poop! William hadeit twice today without a hint of green, then he had a mint green colored poop. Face palm. I did feed him on a different boob though. He seems fine otherwise.
220.2 for me! My belly has really been hurting me like I over exert from doing anything and it bothers me. All I am doing is picking up my babies
I know, katelove, my niece's birthday party is next Sunday. I need to get her doll  bed made. 
I am worried my William might be sensitive to milk. Ever since his rotavirus immunization, we have been going back and forth with green poop.  If I keep him on the same boob every feeding, I can get most poops to be yellow, but a random green poops up.  Ugh. I just want yellow ebf poop like his brother has.   Edward is too funny.  He rolled second, but man he is rolling everywhere he can get.  DH left him on the couch for a minute and he nearly rolled off.  He was...
New Posts  All Forums: