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Our son was born on the 1st too! welcome to the club
I am a RN and I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you find your child a new doc - sounds like you've got a true quack to me. Ask around everywhere parents are and try to get one who's well-loved. No one is perfect, but I would not want my child to see your lo's current doc.
oh & I love my body pillow for bfing while laying down/napping... I put it behind me & between my knees and it helps prop me up some from the back so that I'm not laying down completely flat and am more accessible to lo. Then I have a regular pillow for my head of course. I can sleep for hours like this and i'm pretty finicky. Give it a shot! 
Amen! Cherish those sweet cuddles! Time flies and before you know it your lo won't want to be held
Thank you for that input! I hope that's all it is - I'm in noooo hurry to encounter teeth!
My lo is 16 Sis now & has started squealing,grabbing & chewing his teething toys & drooling now. I think he could be teething already? He is definitely a lot less clinch now so thankfully I can sit him in his swing & get a quick shower or in his bouncy seat & make a quick lunch. I still need someone (my daughter ) to keep him happy while I do dinner. We're slowly figuring out how to manage my high maintenance baby! Oh & he has started laughing when I nuzzle his neck like...
I use the moby & have worn my lo for 3+ hours @a time & it hasn't worn me out too much... I think because it's just a big piece of fabric & feels pretty natural and I don’t really feel like I have to compensate for it by holding any strange position that's not natural to my customary position? I definitely would try to find a good chiropractor who is well-loved in your community though & get an adjustment & talk to them for any advice they might have too? I can tell you...
Yes, we had the same thing with our ds. He is 16 wks now & just noticed recently it's starting to clear out & haven't heard it much. I think it's due to all of the accumulated moisture from being in amniotic fluid for 9 months probably. As long as your LO is not experiencing distress while eating you're probably fine. If your baby shows distress you need to intervene. I have used the nose sucker a couple of times when I could see the accumulation in the back of his nose &...
My 3 month old has been sleeping from about 8:30 pm until about 4 am and I consider myself blessed. I don’t know if you consider this sttn or not... He's very active and alert when awake. He's Breastfed. I just nurse him when he gets sleepy and once he falls asleep I put him in the bassinet beside our bed (belly down). He doesn't sleep well at all on his back. He startles himself awake after a couple minutes if I put him on his.back.
So glad you asked this question as my son is doing the same thing (sucking his whole hand urgently)... I don’t know what’s best either - whether I should help him find his thumb or encourage the paci... I am definitely waiting & hoping some moms can join this discussion and share some mommy advice on this topic.
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