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My DD was 8 lb 13 oz at birth, and I used newborn prefolds with her for about 3-4 months. She did gain weight very slowly, though, due to a milk intolerance that I didn't figure out very quickly. I loved the prowraps covers for before the cord fell off, and then I think I used Thirsties. The prowraps were also great for her skinny legs, which may not be an issue for you.
This may not be super helpful, but I can say the flips trainers are not a good option. We tried one last night with my just-trained two year old, and she wrote up with everything in the bed soaked. We are just going to stick with our BGs at night for now.
DS is almost 4, and DD is 22 months. They are starting lessons with ISR (infant swimming resource) next week. They will not be learning formal strokes, but they will learn to swim with their faces in the water, and learn how to float and get themselves to the side of the pool if they were to fall in water accidentally. ISR starts teaching at 6 months, and I am really excited about them starting. http://www.infantswim.com/
The Flip trainers are nice. They pull on and off, but also have snaps. And the inserts snap in place, too. You can use one cover and just change the insert if she wets.
I love my flips. I use them now with the organic inserts (the original ones, not the newer ones) but when DD was smaller, i used them with newborn prefolds, just tri folded, and theu worked great. They were a little too big when she was first born, though. I used some small sized covers for the first couple of months with my prefolds.
I had a wonderful hospital natural birth with my second child. My recommendations for achieving this are: 1) be informed. Do your research. Understand what the possible interventions are and when they might be necessary. Know when you are willing to undergo them and when you are not. If you don't know, then you cannot make informed decisions. 2) talk to your midwife or OB team well in advance. Make sure they are willing to support your decision for a natural birth....
I used disposables with my son the first 6 months, and I had way more blowouts with them than with cloth. We used CDs with my daughter from the beginning and rarely had issues. The few problems we had, usually the diaper was not put on correctly. I have two zippered wet bags that each hold 5-6 diapers. One is always in my diaper bag for wet or dirty diapers when we are out. If possible, I will dump the solids in the toilet before putting the diaper in the wet bag. If that...
Like others have said, I had a bucket seat, but it stayed in the car about 98% of the time. My daughter almost never falls asleep in the car, so I didn't have to worry about waking her. Plus, with a two year old as well, I couldn't have carried the car seat and also get him in and out of the car and into wherever we were going. I used a moby for the first few months, and my Ergo or baby hawk mei tai from 4 months on.
That is a better idea. I wish I had though of it!
I have a couple of the BGEs and we love them. I don't think the snapping should be a big issue. At my daughter's daycare, there are only 3 kids in her class, and they all wear cloth! When I send snapped diapers, I put a small dot in the correct snap with a sharpie. That makes it easy for anyone to know where to snap! The only drawback about the elementals is the long drying time. Cotton babies actually suggests that you dry them in the dryer, because they take so long to...
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