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I love hemp doublers. They have worked great for my 6 month old and also my older son. I have used Hemp Babies by cotton babies. I put them in a pocket diaper behind the regular insert, but you could also put them behind a prefold.
I use the SO Delicious coffee creamer, too. It is so good! I think I actually prefer it to my normal creamer.
I would suggest an Ergo or a mei tai. I have a Baby Hawk mei tai that I started using with my son when he was around 5-6 months. It worked great for a long time. I just got an Ergo for DD. She is a small 5 month old, but I love it so far!
We use it for everything! It works great!
We started with the liquid and then switched to the powder because it was cheaper. I haven't noticed any difference in how well it cleans our clothes or diapers.
I am so glad to have found this post! I have just started eliminating dairy from my diet for the sake of breast-feeding my daughter. She seems to be having digestive issues, so I am hoping cutting out dairy will help. Thanks for all of the product recommendations. I will be heading to Whole Foods soon!
I second the trial package. I think that is a great way for you to see what you really like. Every mom is different, and even every baby can be a bit different. Diapers that fit your first child perfectly may not work as well on your second child. Also, I would definitely suggest checking out the videos that Jaimee posted. It was super helpful for me to actually SEE the diapers that I was going to buy. You may also want to do an internet search for "cloth diapers" and...
I am so excited about this event! And, I love Natural Baby! I am so glad they moved into downtown!
I only shave the sides and top, and I trim the front when it gets unruly! For now, I am doing ok with seeing and going by feel, but I plan to use a hand mirror when it gets too hard. I will probably put the mirror down on the side of the tub and stand over it so I can see better!
Honestly, I am not sure. I think she was mostly referring to the literature. She said she really likes the Brio workbooks that the participants get. My teacher said she always added certain information on her own when she was teaching Bradley, and a lot of that is already included in Brio. I don't know the details though. Sorry I can't be more help!   
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