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I am starting a Brio class in a week and a half, and I cannot wait! I did a little research, but basically I chose the Brio because I already knew the teacher, and I think she is wonderful. (She has been teaching Bradley for a few years, and just switched to Brio. She says they are basically the same, but Brio is more up-to-date.)   Good luck!
I am due in early August! I have also heard good things about Greer... I may have to look into my insurance and see if that would be feasible.    I wish I could go with a midwife and birth center, but I just don't quite feel comfortable enough, and my husband and family would not be as supportive of that. I LOVE my primary OB/Gyn, but she is part of a large practice, and I have no control over who will be my delivery doctor. I had my son at GHS almost two years...
I just posted basically this same thread, and then I started browsing through the old ones!  Have you had your baby yet? I am just wondering about your experience! I am due in August, and hoping for a natural birth at GHS as well. (I am also signed up to take Mary's class starting in two weeks!)   I appreciated all of the comments here!
Hi! I am wondering if anyone has had a natural birth at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, SC? I am trying to determine how easy or difficult it is going to be for me to have a natural unmedicated birth there! Thanks for any information you are willing to share!
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