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I've really made a dent today. I tackled my dirty laundry, seperating it and I've been doing loads all day. I'm determined to get that done tonight. I also cleaned up the computer area, my dresser and nightstand I emptied the dresser completly and now I have a bag of clothes for goodwill
I'm done with week 1 Tomorrow starts week 2 I can't wait!
I did w1d2 today and it felt great!
I'm in! So glad I found this I just started yesterday with W1D1 and did pretty good considering. I'm so excited about this I actually started a 2nd blog to help me with keep a log... http://c25k.blogspot.com/
Today I think I'm just going to tackle a basket of clothes... DH left for work for the week and I just want to sleep when I get DD to bed...
MY MASTER BEDROOM PICTURE TOUR http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/slideshow.php?id=24816 WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT MY MASTER BEDROOM THe size and the ceilings. WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT MY MASTER BEDROOM the lack of style HOT SPOTS Everywhere there is free space MY PLAN OF ACTION - Organize, Organize, Organize!! Get laundry in control.. Clean everything up. Pictures...I have so many I would love to hang
YAY I'm here I'll post pics and such this after noon
Thanks!!! I was going to check out the feb thread but it was quite long My master bedroom is in definate need I can't wait!!!
Are there plans underway for a march challenge?? I didn't take part in Feb's because I just did a HUGE overhaul of my kitchen but I'm looking forward to joining in from here on out as the rest of my house is in desperate need of decluttering/etc. I was just curious if there has been any talk of where you ladies are headed next
Thanks so much!!!
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