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I did talk to a diabetes consultant and showed her my results and she said I definitely has GD. She said a MD would of put me on a diet and monitored my glucose levels and I might possibly be put on insulin. As for my midwife I wrote her a letter letting her know how I feel and said that I hoped that this didn't happen to any of her other patients. She has not responded. I hate too how this looks badly on midwives. I agree that Dr. was totally out of line. I...
Please let me vent about my failed homebirth. My midwife did not diagnose my gestational diabetes. I went ahead on my own to have my blood tested and gave her all the results since I was concerned with the results. She kept telling me it was fine, "don't worry that is what you pay me to do" and basically made me feel like a hypochondriac. So I believed her. Well I ended up with a 12 lb baby, had to get transferred to the hospital, she ended up with major...
Hi I had my baby girl 12/7. I was the one with the 46cm fundus and 7 cm dilated for a week. My water broke at 2 am. My midwife and 3 assitants came over as my labour started almost right away. I alternated going into the jacuzzi as it was really painful with contractions right on top of each other. I was 9cm dilated but with a bit of anterior lip which we couldn't get rid of. I started crowning and that was when my midwife realized that the baby was really big...
I did have my baby 12/07. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I had a girl she was 11 lbs 14 oz. I will write more on the pregnancy site. THanks for every ones reponses. Please read my story there if you get a chance. Lisa
Does any one know much about polyhydroamniosis or extra amniotic fluid. I gained 3 cm in a week (I am measuring 46cm at 40 weeks). It appears to be a large baby but my midwife thinks this rapid gain is due to PHA. I have been fairly consistent throughout my pregnancy. Now a rather large jump. I was also borderline gest. diabetes but didn't fit all the criteria. I am scheduled for an ultrasound,BPP and API on the 9th. Hopefully I won't go that far. Any one have...
Well still no baby yet!! My midwife is concerned with gaining 3 cm in a week. I guess it can mean excess amniotic fluid. I was borderline gestational diabetes which can cause it. She has ordered a ultrasound to measure the AF and do a bpp. But yes I am definitely planning a home birth...now if only this baby would come. Thanks for your support and I will post my birth story if I ever have one!!
About cleaning the tub. My midwife suggested getting a plastic dropcloth from the hardware store like you would use for painting and line that in the tub. So you don't have to worry about cleaning it before or after.
I am already 7 cm dilated, 3 days over my due date and nothing has happened. I am losing alot of mucous so I guess any day. Also my fundus measurement is 46 cm. It increased 3 cm in a week. Any one have similiar circumstances.:
Funny to read your post. I was just going to post myself that I am 3.5 cm dilated and excited something might be happening, since with my last one I was 0 right until the day. But like newmoon said it is work already done. My due date is 12/1 so I guess it could be awhile. I am feeling crampy too. It is just sitting around and waiting. Good luck!!
I ended getting bergamot, lavender, clary sage and grapefruit. Depending on my mood , I think they will work great.
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