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i have an unopened kindergarten lifepac set(math and language) an opened, but unused horizons preschool set(2 student, 2 teacher books, resource packet, and CD), a looked through, but unused handwriting with out tears book set(student and teacher) with mat wood letters chalk board and CD(all new) and a homeschooling planner(new ) need to sell pictures upon request, pm for prices. 
i am looking to buy a birth pool in a box. i don't want to spend more than 100 if possible(as i would still have to buy a liner too). it seems every time i save up to this amount, something happens and i have to spend the savings(irreparable tire etc).  need this no later than mid July, to allow time for shipping and set up. 
nope i had a planned UC with an open CPS case. my worker was awesome, she was intrigued and wiling to learn!
i was able to opt out with my second and last hossy birth because both me and my son are allergic to petroleum jelly and it is the base for the eye goop. i recently had pink eye and the normal treatment is the same goop they use for new borns at birth. and also both of my daughters turned out to be too. just a thought.
* Name: Lisa * EDD: 8/1 * Age:22(23 at birth) * Location: Tulsa ok * How long it took to you to get your BFP: suprise, i PP AF and nursing. counted around turkey day, and reliazed i was late, so i tested. * What number child is this for you: 4 * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies):, hubby Ben, DS Benjamin, 5, DD1 Nevaeh, 3.5, Samantha, 18 months. * Birth plans/preferences: second home birth and second UC, first partial UP(OB care till 24 weeks) * Anything...
I was under the impression the when a mom is positive for GBS the risk of infection with or without ABX WAS .04%.My 18 month old I was GBS+ and still had a UC. I was 39/6 and waters broke as she was crowning, so i think it helped(as opposed to prolonged ROM, and add VEs and that's a recipient for disaster). Depending on the pregnancy I would stay home after 36 weeks.
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