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Thank you both for the info:)
I'm originally from the area, but moved away 7ish years ago when I married into the AF.  Since we may someday move back I'm curious if there is a big holistically minded community?   If you live around here and love it please tell me why:)
To answer my own question. Yes they do have to accept it:)
I've already gotten turned down by one preschool when I tried turning in a religious exemption for enrollment. They we're a private preschool at a church. My understanding is that public has to accept exemptions while private can decide for themselves.  I am on the waitlist for a private preschool, and found out there is a free state funded program run there as well. I'm wondering if anyone knows how the law would work in this situation.  I have no idea if the private side...
Also wondering the same thing. I have been using the oil cleansing method with coconut oil/castor oil for a few years now.  I'm starting to notice fine lines.
Even if the 11 yr old boy isn't there. I would urge you to rethink having the girls babysit. As your son starts to realize that what happened isn't ok is he going to feel safe with those girls, Who may or may not have known anything about what is going on.
Thank you for posting. I'm about to start my preschooler who is mostly vax'd and wondering how to approach the issue. We moved from MD which had philosophical exempt as well.  Do you mind if I use parts of this?
Adorable:) My daughter has fine hair and curls as well. I used to get great results with the body shops buriti baby shampoo, but they don't make it anymore:(....I'm not sure how the ingredients really we're though.  Now I have the best luck with avoiding shampoo as much as possible. Most the time I just use conditioner and comb through with a wide tooth comb, rinse and squeeze gently . I will mix leave in conditioner and water in my hands and smooth/finger comb/scrunch...
I'm also looking for dog boarding places near or on the base. 
We will be relocating soon and I'm curious about the area.  Any advice is appreciated:) I'll be hoping to find good sources for local organic farms, natural food stores, holisitic minded doctors etc.
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