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I found on on Monday (7th) that I am expecting my first in July!  Looks like sometime around the 18th.  Congrats to you guys!
I got my BFP this morning!
My DW and I found our current donor on the site.  Our original donor lives 500mi away and we used him once in August but have found it tough to make the trip back up there. We live in a smaller town and there are only 2 donors near us.  We met one and a few days later we were getting our donations and inseminating.  So far a very awesome experience. We are currently 1wk into our 2wk wait... hoping for our BFP soon!
OK, need some help... DW and I did our second and last insemination Monday evening @ 10:45. I hadn't gotten a +opk but it was our last opportunity on this trip to insem. I got a -opk last night around 9pm but today at 1:30pm I got my first +opk. Is there still a chance or should I brace myself for af?
Wow, DW and I did our first insemination earlier tonight and will be doing another Monday evening. Fingers crossed that this works the first time. I was super nervous and felt like I had to be really quick. DW was so funny, she's a gold star and gagged when I was sucking up the baby batter with the syringe. I thought I would be freaking out but I'm actually pretty calm. I've been having what I believe to be ovulation pains and I had a faint positive line on my opk this...
So DW made the call to her cousin and we're going to be doing the insem at the end of the month! Wow, I thought we weren't going to be doing this for a while... now its less than 3wks away. I am beyond excited and nervous but totally ready.
If DW's cousin gives us an okay for the insem at the end of the month I will use it this coming cycle.  From what I've read, to induce ovulation without jepordizing the development of the egg, it should be taken on cd 3-8. That will put me starting it on the 24th.  I read that the suggested amount is 80mg for 5 days.  What have you read?
Hello everyone! I've been hanging out on the Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready list for a while now and I thought I'd be there for several more months but there is a possibility that may change today!   We will be traveling 9hrs at the end of the month to visit DW's brother (potential donor #1) before he has sugery.  DW's cousin (potential donor #2) lives in the area and it just so happens that it will be right around my fertile time (off by a...
I usually post over on the queer parenting part of the board but I figured I might get more help over here, so here goes.   Here's a little back story... DW and I have been planning to ttc sometime between now and next Spring and the possibility of now came up last night and now I'm freaking out and doing tons of research. We've decided to attempt the known donor route and see where that takes us.  Our first choice was for DW's brother to be our donor so our child...
Sandy, Thanks so much for such a detailed review of your experience!  I am very relieved to see that I should be able to have the labor/delivery that I want.  How was your experience with the tub? I keep reading so many positive things on water births and that it really helps with pain management.  Who was your midwife and doula? I had hoped to get pregnant this summer but a medical issue temporarily put our plans on hold.  Now that its taken care of we're hoping...
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