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Ty jaimee I tested with the fmu & it was neg. After about an hour it showed a blue line. Argh lol. I have a call in with my ob/gyn to make an appt & I see my pcp Friday.
Well I took 2, the 1st of which I dropped in the toilet lmao. When I took the 2nd, a very very faint positive showed up. It disappeared about 20 minutes later though?? I bought a 3 pack so I will take the other one in the morning. SO didn't get to see the line so he thinks I'm freaking out. There was a line there, there still is a faint one, more faint than it was but he says he doesn't see it.
Ty mandee. SO is going to the store to pick up a couple of tests in a bit. I'll keep this thread updated. I'm seeing my dr Friday anyway so I will get a blood test also to be sure.
Wow why didn't I read this thread before? lol My DD is Charlotte & she was born March 8, 2010. She is very "spirited" but she's also tons of fun. She is into everything imaginable & unimaginable & gets very mad when you try to stop her. She does what I call the "toddler legs" limp noodle bend, I know every one of you know what I'm talking about lol. Changing her diaper is a nightmare, she twists & turns, arches her back so much that she's standing on her head. That or she...
My 13mo DD refuses to sleep without her "daddy" monkey blanket to cover with & her soft monkey lovey blanket to snuggle with. She's had these for a long time but has had control over her movements for a very long time so we felt it was safe for her. A new addition to her bed is a small monkey pillow that she usually ends up propping her legs up on lol. She must have go-go gadget arms too because every time she wakes up before me and plays she reaches her bibs on a shelf...
Last night my 13 mo DD woke up needing a diaper change. Well, I took the dirty one off & was so half asleep that I forgot to put one back on her lol. That's about the 3rd time I've done that. At least her Lil butt got some air lol.
Didn't mean to hit send yet... I will take a test soon probably and I'm sure it will be negative, but the what-ifs are stuck in my head. I want to be and I don't want to be. The main reason I don't want to be is because I have extremely high risk pregnancies & have had many losses. I love my SO so very much & it would be wonderful to have his baby though. Honestly I think I would be kinda sad if I weren't pregnant. We have sex like rabbits on Viagra lol. Any input would...
Ok, here's my "stats". I have 1 ovary & 1 tube that has been cauterized. They had to remove my rt ovary & tube when I was 6 months pg with DD due to a very large mass that had twisted my ovary & tube that almost made it burst. Worst pain of My life, even worse than my placental abruption. Anyway, the past month or so I've been having odd symptoms that resemble those of pregnancy. Nausea, especially around certain smells, extremely tender breasts, leaking breasts, hormone...
Many hugs to you earthmama. It's so hard & humiliating to go from feeling like superwoman to having it all taken away over something we can't control. I have so much guilt because of it.
I made a new thread in the toddlers for our babes that are now a year/13 mo. I didn't see a new one for April and I wanted to see what everyone with little ones my dd's age are up to.   http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1307614/march-2010-mamas-april-chat#post_16378530
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