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Zeolite is great for heavy metal detox.  Check out Pure Body Zeolite if you are interested...be aware it will dehydrate you so drink lots of water!  Good luck!
With all 3 of my babies, I had contractions for weeks.  It sounds like your body is getting ready!  Try to drink lots of water, preterm labor can be brought on by dehydration.  It sounds like your midwife isn't taking your concerns seriously. Getting checked is a good idea!
50 months and still nurseing!  DD#1-20 mo, DS 20 mo. and DD#2 is 10 months and loves to nurse :)
My DH came up with Curry Chicken baked in 1 dish.  Everyone loves it!  Put chicken (we use legs) in the baking dish, add 1.5 c. rice, veggies (we use brocilli, zuchinni & mushrooms), season with salt, garlic powder etc...fill the pan with water or broth.  Cook for 1/2 hr at 350...then add some curry if you like and bake for another 45 minutes!
I have had Bad skin problems after each baby ( my skin is radiant during pregnancy).  Recently I read the Adrenal System & Liver/Kidneys are overtaxed by pregnancy/breastfeeding hormones.  I suggest digestive enzymes/probiotics and some baby safe cleanseing herbs both internally and topically.  Tumeric, Yellow Dock, Dandelion & Milk Thistle are good internally.  I make tea for my face when it breaks out and use compresses...Comfrey, Calendula, Burdock & Oregon Grape....
Hi,   I had insomnia as a child.  Now I am 30 and a mother of 3!   What helped me was Hylands Calms Forte & the herb Scullcap (strange name but a great herb...it is gentle nerve tonic, safe for children.)  I still use Scullcap tincture when I can't sleep.  Also, Chamomile tea :)
Nice!  My baby was due on Sept 27, but we had a Great homebirth on the 22nd :)
Oops, she arrived at 6:52 pm on Sept. 22.
Back in July, my water broke at 29 weeks.  I was air lifted to a big city hospital  2 hours away from home.  I was immediately given antibiotics, put on efm and told I would deliver within 48 hours.  I stayed on very strict bedrest for 1 week....still no labor.  The hospital I was in is a teaching hospital, I was seen by a different ob each day, along with a bunch of residents.  Their plan was to section me at 34 weeks regardless. Several of the doctors tried to scare me...
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