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Giving birth was the easy part.   I teach childbirth classes and work with mothers as a doula.  I’ve said to people, “Well, I know nobody who’s just given birth feels like it was easy, but . . ..”   But J’s 3 hour labor was a lot easier than being pregnant was and a lot easier than our life felt for a long time before.  And I actually said ‘that was pretty easy’ within an hour or so of giving birth.   *****   I have not lost a baby, but I lost a lot in...
Full birth story is here:  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1371350/juniper-evenings-birth-story
IME it's important for your partner to be gentle and do a lot of checking in to see how things are feeling as you go into pp sex (unless you are totally tear free and jumping him/her, lol!). Because things ARE different - not damaged or wrong or anything but bodies change and that's ok. I'm still bleeding @ 3+ weeks pp and besides this baby is not a deep sleeper. I think it'll be a little while here yet at least for intercourse. Also I should be thinking/talking w DH re...
Double post
Yay!  I love long birth stories!  Well, I mean, I know it's not fun to be in early labor for days on end, but I love stories with lots of detail!  Congrats, mama. 
Thanks for sharing!  I am symaphetic, because there are some parts of my birth story I really don't want to share publically - or at all - although in my case its more stuff about the pregnancy and my reasons are different . . . anyway.  I bet if/when you figure out what you need to say to your mw you'll be able to let go of those parts and keep hold of the perfect bits - which sound pretty awesome!
Baby & I have a cold :-(  It is so sad to see a 3 week old sneezing, coughing, snuffling, and with eye boogers!  She's okay, though - sleeping a lot, nursing plenty, and therefore getting her antibodies up.  It's not a bad cold anyway - I feel mostly okay but just a little extra tired/snotty.  We are skipping the 2 NYE parties we were invited to, though.  Fortunately, one of them is just across our driveway so DH took the big kids to it & they'll likely be back before...
Ugh!  We have a cold.  It's a dinky little cold from my pov - I'd feel fine if I could tuck up in bed and sleep all night - but even a dinky cold sucks when you are 3 weeks old and have a cough and stuffy nose and eye boogers for the first time :-(
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