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Hi everybody. Chicajones, glad the bili levels are down. With three older kids who expect Christmas to happen that's what I've been focusing on other than baby. I'm a wee bit nervous bc neither of ds2s gifts has arrived yet but otherwise I am almost completely ready! Wendy here's wishing you a baby in arms ASAP! Hi, VioletLotus! AFM, I am kind of struggling emotionally. The thing is that I don't really think its ppd. The only thing that makes sense to me is a sort...
I have had 2 babies who really want/need to touch me while sleeping, 2 who roll away once full of milk.  DS1 did not sleep w/out touching a person until he was 2.  DD2 definitely prefers contact, although not as intensely as he did as far as I can tell.
Beautiful, Segolily!  All of it - but the picture of the kids holding up the cat to see the baby cracks me up ;-)  It was fun to show DS2 because he was born posterior, too.
I'm kind of a compulsive changer.  OTOH, my babies generally wake up when wet.  At this stage, we go through about a diaper per hour, on average.  Sometimes a bunch in a row, sometimes we'll go several hours staying dry.    My favorite diapers of all are BumGenius one-size AIOs - but the ones made of 100% cotton - I don't like fleece/microfiber at all.  DD2 is only 7 lbs yet though so they are still a little big even at their smallest adjustment.  I figure she'll be...
Hi!  I actually have a lot of sitting-at-computer-nursing-baby time but I don't want to dominate the threads!    MW came to check on us today and DD2 gained 10 oz in 5 days (yay, milk!) and passed her hearing test.  I actually got up and got dressed today for the first time (I've been staying in pjs to remind myself to rest - and DH that I need to rest).  Still haven't been out of the house, but the newborn insert for the carseat arrived today, so may go out and get...
Sure, no problem.  Long baby!
Hi, Mamas!   I'm one week pp tomorrow.  I'm excited to say that I (mostly) have nipples again instead of boulders - I don't know why I get engorged so badly, but I have, every time.  There's no way for a baby to latch on to my engorged breasts without damaging the nipples, so I'm pretty sore, just hissing and bearing it till they get to heal a bit - probably by a week from now nursing will be fairly comfortable again.  Thankfully, DD2 has taken after her sister and...
Sweetmilk, is baby a boy Evelyn with middle name James?  Congratulations either way!
He is really, REALLY cute!  Did you invite the midwife, and if so, did she make it?
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