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So I think I've caught everybody in the opening of the thread who has posted here on MDC.  I'm not trying to get the ones from FB because I don't know who enough people are on there .  So post here if you want to be listed here!   Marilyn, I agree, awesome job listening to your body.  I'm sad for you, too - letting go of a dream is always hard.  (((hugs)))  But AWESOME job listening to your body!
Yay for those like me who got GBS negative results!   Sunseeker - there's no reason you should have to stay in bed at all for the IV abx if you choose to take them.  All you need is a rolling IV pole and you should be able to be anywhere you otherwise could be (except maybe in the water - you might have to keep your hand/arm out of the water if you were otherwise going to be in the shower or tub).  And yeah, it takes about 15 - 30 minutes for them to run the meds...
Congratulations, Madis!  She's adorable!
It rounds to 19"   Good size baby for 37+ weeks, Travelmumma!
Could use some positive thoughts tonight . . . having a really rough time with DH, not feeling safe, emotionally, about going into labor.  Not that I seem to be about to or anything, it's just an upsetting place to be in.  I know some of it is fatigue on my part, so I am going to go to bed.  But man, he needs to get his act in gear, here.
Updated!  Congrats, everyone!
Purposeful, thinking of you!  Maybe baby is trying to get in a good position?  You can do it!
Yay, we got stickied!   Reminder: feel free to post a link on this thread to your own "Baby _____ is here!" thread.  I mean, it's fine to post stories and pictures here, too, obviously, but it'll get really long really quick that way.
Beautiful beautiful!  Go, mama!
Updated to add Emmagrace's GG!
New Posts  All Forums: