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Wow, she's beautiful :-)  I'll add her to the Welcome Babies thread!
So yes, it sucks that you had to deal with Beth, whoever she may be.  BUT . . . there is something good about being initiated into your mama bear :-)  You not only know you can do labor and birth - you also know you can protect your baby and yourself from senseless systems.  AWESOME!   Glad you're home, congratulations to you, your DH, and Ethan!
So excited to hear about the babies!   Alaskanne, that sounds like a lovely birthday.  And did you know you and Darkblue share the same birthday?  Happy Birthday to you both!   Segolily, I hope things chill out around there!  I think I would just want to go hide!  Glad you had a lovely mama blessing first, though :-)   Purposeful, I work on Sundays and spent most of the morning today explaining that no, I haven't had my baby and yes, I will eventually have...
Congratulations, Kaliki!  That sounds wonderful!   Esp said I could post her info on this thread & will come give a birth story soon :-)
Just remember - if nothing goes IN and all that fluid is coming OUT - it's actually pretty hard for an infection to get going.
Yay, Tropicana!  Not me   Either I was wrong about the leak, or it's stopped, and I'm not very crampy anymore either.  On the plus side, I had a really good night's sleep (I mean, I woke up all the time, but I stayed in bed for 10.5 hours, which I haven't been able to do lately, and I'm sure that has to be good for me :-)  I guess baby just isn't ready yet, and that is fine.   Segolily, I hope your baby waits until you're ready!   Purposeful, I hope you're doing...
My water might be leaking . . . or not!  I'm crampy, too.  We shall see . . ..
It sounds to me like what you really need is not advice , but discernment. All the possibilities you suggest sound totally viable; but what matters is what you are going to feel safest and most comfortable with. I don't know which option that's going to be or why. How do you really feel about laboring without a medical care provider on hand?
Who are all the lovely ladies in your profile picture?  Do you like the place you live in (other than the pretty yard!)?  How did you meet your DH?
New Posts  All Forums: