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I have a 14 month old, we bed-share, and he still wakes up 2-3 times per night.  I nurse him back to sleep, and all is well.  (Except when he's teething something awful.  Then it just sucks.)  :)
I want to call shenanigans on your hairdresser.  I've used Pantene in the past and after my hairdresser said my hair looks so shiny and great she asked me what I used (Pantene at the time) and then gave me a lecture about it.  She said its use leads to buildup and dull hair, ect., ect.    This may be true as everyone's hair is different, but she had JUST told me she thinks my hair is so shiny!  I think it's mostly a ruse to sell their expensive product.  :)    
Congratulations on having a new baby!   My husband and I went back and forth for years before actually even having a baby regarding what we'd do (or not) about vaccinations.  He was totally against and I favored selective and delayed vaccinations.  I found a local pediatrician who favors an alternative schedule which includes the vaccinations you mentioned above in a babe's first year.  (She won't give new vaccines like the one for rotavirus and her office doesn't...
I have a 12-month old, and weaning is a ways off.  But I still wonder how it will eventually happen.  Thanks for sharing your family's experience. :)
I tried gripe water on my babe when he was super fussy (turns out he has a dairy sensitivity...and I think he had a problem with my oversupply - you know, babe swallowing milk as if from a fire hose) and while it certainly didn't hurt him, I'm not convinced it helped either.  The formula we used contains agave fructose (sweetener), chamomile, ginger, fennel.  It appears it's just a sugar water that may also help settle babe's tummy.  It comes with a dropper that you can...
Baby boy is great!  The redness reduced alot by the afternoon, and I put a little bit of breast milk in the corner of his eye.  By the next day everything was back to normal.  I think he poked himself in the eye, to be honest.  Silly lamb - still developing those motor skills.  :)
Thanks mamas.  :)
Good morning,   My eleven-month old DS woke up with a distinctly swollen left eye this morning.  It's not crusty or oozing or anything like that.  There is a bit of redness underneath his eye.  Also, it appears he scratched himself in the corner of the same eye.  Is it likely he scratched the inside portion of the lid or something along those lines?  Is this something else entirely?  He doesn't seem bothered by his eye at all.     I've tried a warm compress and...
Aw mama, don't be so hard on yourself (in regards to your last sentence).  Having your children try new experiences is responsible, I think.  It's important they and your family give something like this a chance - at least now you know.     I have no other information (my child is 10 months) but wanted to offer virtual hugs.
I'm commiserating.  My husband works a 9-5 with frequent evening hours and then works weekends with his dad on our farm.  And he sleeps badly.  So he generally snoozes while I feed DS breakfast.  I sometimes get super-annoyed....still haven't slept 5 hours straight and DS is 10 months.  But then I think of how hard DH does work and how lucky I am to be with DS even though it.is.exhausting.   I have gotten mad at DH before, though.  HE slept in on Mother's Day!  My...
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