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I'm also expecting twins, and I have a 3-year-old son. I haven't been around the boards much because the computer makes me queasy in the 1T, but I'll be here from time to time and probably more later. Great to meet you!
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!   I think there's no point in worrying about the delivery now. Things will be clearer as everything progresses. I did give birth to my son vaginally, just barely. I was induced at 41 weeks because my doctor wouldn't let me go any longer and the he measured huge on the ultrasound. Sure enough, I could barely push him out (had an episiotomy) and he turned out to be 9.5 lbs with a head circumference above the 90th percentile. And...
Spain's health care system might be great right now, but they can't pay for it. The whole country is going bankrupt, and those benefits are going to vanish in a puff of smoke pretty soon.
Hi all,   I thought I would come and introduce myself. I just found out two days ago that I am pregnant with twins! We did IVF, so I knew it was a strong possibility, but finding out is such a shock anyway. I'm overcome with excitement and fears right now -- Will everything be okay with the pregnancy? Will I have to have a C-section? Is my career effectively over? How am I going to stay sane while taking care of two babies and my older son (he'll be just turning 4...
Those are some sweet stories, Fox and Lizbiz.   Charlie has become somewhat fixated on the babies' names. He keeps telling me, "We have to figure out what them's names is, because we don't even know what them is called." LOL! A child after my own heart -- I am totally obsessed with baby names.
Oh, that is so sad, Shannon. I had a very early miscarriage back in July (7 weeks), but I can't even imagine how terrible it would be to lose a baby later in the pregnancy. I had told my son about the earlier pregnancy, but it hadn't sunk in for him and he quickly stopped asking about it. I felt really confident this time because we heard the heartbeats at my appointment this morning. Fingers crossed for healthy pregnancies for both of us this time.
I am all in favor of early ultrasounds. My philosophy is, the more information, the better.
For those of you with older children, have you told them about the pregnancy yet? If so, what did they say or ask?   I told my three and a half year old son today -- I found out this morning that I'm having twins, so I told him, "Mommy has two babies in her tummy."   He got wide-eyed, and immediately asked, "How can they fit?" followed by "How did they get in there?" and the all-important, "What are their names?"
I just found out it's twins! Can you update me to say #2 and #3? Thanks!
It's twins! OMG!
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