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I love to cook with my DS .I feel like he can really get involve in it and he love seeing the result. And it is kind of funny to think that he actually knows what goes in a spaghetti sauce or a chili or whatever we are eating that day and he is only 21/2 year old. He does more than some college kids!!!! And we love taking walk and hiking.
I love to see my children's imagination in action. It is crazy to me that parents would prefer to park their kid in front of a TV. without feeling guilty. When my DS come across a occasion to watch TV at a friend house he looks like a zombie and it break my heart., I find that I get more done in the house without a tv.
finally I have a picture to share. Here is Evelyn James 1 week old
Sorry babay haze here!!!!! it is a girl with a boy middle name!
Born 12/12/12 at 6:02 pm after 5 hours of very intense labor. 8lbs14oz 22inch.
Well I am back at home waiting for labor to kick in. My MW let me go home one more night since the baby was doing very well and I still have plenty of fluid in there. But i have to go back tomorrow at 10 and probably will not come back home. I told them they could keep me there but I refuse to be induce unless there is a medical emergency. As long as baby is find everything is going to happen on its term.
no baby yet. my contractions slowed down around 9 this morning .so i am laying low wondering when this is going to really kick in.if nothing happen tonigth ,my midwife want me in her office tomorrow because my water is broken, so we will see what she think then. but hoppefully it will all happen tonight!!!
water broke at 2 am.contractions are slow but definatly powerfull.my baby maybe born on the actual DD
Well it may depend on the hospital policy . but I know a few people that got to the hospital and it was time to push and   the baby was out in no time. They did test positive to the test but the time spent at the hospital was so short ,the antibiotic wouldve not had time to work so they didnt get it. And all babies were find and when home with mummy. Dont panic over this. Where there is a will there is a way. What can they really do if you refuse to take it?.....probably...
The baby is a surprise. And about the chickens..... all my life I only own 2 to 3 layers at the time. Belive me we have some good winters in Massachusetts and in Quebec and I never lost a chicken.
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