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so what is the school that you founded? and why did you do it?What is the difference whit others schools? Was it to fill a need for your kids or something that your community needed? Anyway I have a tone of question like that so Im going to stop there!!!
yes my boy is in the time of his life where nothing is better then being naked!!!!! It is really hot here I have to admit
week 19. I felt my baby move last week for the first time and it was so strong that DH felt it too. I was soooo waiting for that!!!!
so do you have a name for this little boy ? you don't have to share it just if you want!!!!Are you going to raise your child bilingual?
we seem to stick with Erwin if its a boy and Evelyn if its a girl.I like to have a few more name in case we are not feeling it the day of the birth but I cant seem to like anything else enough!!!
nice and how long ago was that?
this is my second pregnancy and I don t seem to find a book for me . everything seems to be for first time parents and nothing about the siblings. Any good book out there for me?
how did you meet DH? (I'm always interested to know a love story!!)
15 weeks and I feel huge
me too i want to play!!!!! hope im not to late! sweetmilk
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