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user name sweetmilk due date 12/10/2012 2nd child hospital birth with a nurse midwife not finding out the sex
12 weeks
12 weeks today too yay!!!
i really love Evelyn. it is been on my list for a long long time. my dh love Aurelia . and for a boy, wich we think that is what we will have, Erwin. but we are still looking
10 weeks.
we are going to a death in the family and it just made the past 2 days crazy. i need some serious rest. i cant take care of my toddler and my stomach hurt from stress.
worst taste in my mouth the last 2 days. It will not go away no matter what. Almost taste like artificial sweetner.awfull!!!!
i think all this does not seem real to me yet!!!! i didnt like the first trimester in my first pregnancy. your sick and you dont feel like yourself.But I loved the second trimester!!!! I think I am the same way this time around too.So i am happy but not quite beliving it . Cant wait till it really kicks in
burgers!!!!!cheeseburgers and pickles.yuuuuuuumm. my last pg I could not eat meat. all i wanted was carbs and this time around proteins.
5weeks and 1 day due date;12/10 second child Im soooo happy!!!!
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