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thanks for support
I am very mad at my self right now!!! Last night, the only night I ever forget to close the chicken coop door, a fisher cat got in there and now I only have one guinea fowl left. It is a tragedy. That is just my luck. Well it was pretty crapy to get up to this morning. There was feater every where on my lawn. Anyway I just had to vent.
that was the cause of my "that is insane"      
that is insane !!!!!
My pediatrician told me to stop breastfeeding my child so much and to give him a pacifier instead because he was gaining a pound a week for the first month. Well that WAS my pediatrician!!!
Yes!! We are getting 2 goats and thanks for the fence tip!!!
I still have to build a little shed for them and fence in a area. I was raise on a goat farm in Canada. But it was regular size goats. Now where I live I only have 1/2 acre and it is zone residential. But I want goats for their milk. So, yes I'm cheating the rules a little. I figured pygmy it is small nobody will see them from the road and I don't have neighbors Anything I should about pygmy goat before I go to far in this crazy project???
Trying to find new friends or groups to hike, walk or whatever.We are lonely we just moved in the area.
i'm 131. super crunchy!!I was surprised
Thanks. I will be starting on the day after Easter because that is when I get his new potty. I'm excited and scared!!LOL
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