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Hi!  I'm a mom of a 1 year old toddler and my husband works all the time.I just moved in the Brookfields MA and I am looking for fun activities to do and people to meet. My first language is french and I am from Quebec Canada.
I have prefold diapers and pocket diapers.and a few hemp one that i used at night before. I do have some wool covers somewhere but i never used them because i don't know how to wash them???
My boy is 1 year old .Are we too late to start? I thought with the summer coming that would be great to have no diapers for him!!any advice to how to start EC.?
I have been clothe diapering for 1 year now and this past month I had to switch to disposable for the night shift. Because I would have to change pj and bedding almost 3 times a night. And we are bed sharing so it was killing us. anyways what do you people do to keep your little one dry all night long without using the magic disposables????Please help I hate to use disposables .
I really like your idea . I like that it creates memories.thanks
My niece is turning 3 and she has everything under the sky......I would like to make her something or do something with her instead of spending big money on something she will get lost in all her toys.I'm running out of time her birthday is the 14 of April.Thanks to everybody who has a suggestion!!!
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