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My oldest did get wc last spring, he is 11 and it was manageable.  The other 2 boys did not, ages 6 and 3.  I read up on all the natural defense builders and used them, also natural treatments in addition to antibiotics.  My advice would be to go.  It's always around..this will continue to come up.  Is baby breastfed?  If either gets a cough, err on the side of caution and get treated with antibiotics right away...well have them tested for wc first, but most likely they...
My 5 yr old boy is a night wetter, and he pees through the 7th gen pull ups.  He will not wear cloth "diapers" because he "is not a baby".  Any suggestions for a pull up that lasts through the night, or something I could add to it?  I haven't tried an insert yet.  He's an average sized 5 year old.
I'm a big fan!!  Lovin the facebook and dotcommune, but sure will miss your beautiful print magazine:(  
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