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Thank you all for your advice the boys still call me mommy but they call her mommy too so she's not buggin as bad she has even taken them overnight twice in the last month and things are going ok between my old man and her. Although she is still trying to make him green eyed by having her "boyfriends" over but whatever lol. There may be peace on the horizon but usally the second I think that a storm usally hits lol.
well she found out and shes PISSED basicly he said mommy she said mommy's here and he ran to the window and said mommy? for 5 min then grabbed his coat and said bye bye! then she texted and told their dad to pick them up  
It all started when we had a play date at the house and their friend was calling his mom mommy seeing that interaction between her and him and between the kids and me they figured out the meaning of it. On a side note they were at my man's moms place and one of the boys found a beer bottle cap for a bud light and he handed it to his dad and said mama, I dont drink beer at all we know she drinks is it something he should bring up to her?  
Thank the lord i heaven that someone has a similar situation as me! I dont know you but this woman sounds like a piece of work so Grats to you and your family!
Sorry but i have to put my two cents in here, I dont know the lingo about the dsd, op and all that other stuff but I dont allow my old man's ex in my home or near my home for that matter. This woman has a history of odd behavior and lieing and violence and she hates me so do I want her in my home heck no! Not only is it my safe harbor but its the one place where I can just be me with the kids playing and having fun. She is not welcome here just like i am not welcome...
Ok back story......   I moved in with my boyfriend in June of 2010, he has twin two year olds. Now 10 months later he starts calling me Mommy. His real "Mother" takes the boys for a few hours every couple of weeks when she isn't drunk or have something better planned. She will ask to see them every week then backs out because of whatever reason. On average she has taken them overnight once every two months since at least I was in the picture. One of the boys has...
Ok I am a stepmom to twin two year olds so I know what your going through we ended up getting a comfy chair and putting it in their room and sitting in their room with them till they fell asleep usally it takes 10-20 min this worked because the kids kept getting out of bed because they didnt think they were missing anything, or we were more of a comfort to them which is true i dont know but it worked for us maybe it will work for you
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